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Blue View Photography

Meg Green

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Meg spends her year travelling the Ningaloo reef getting up close and personal with all it has to offer.

For 5 months she works as the resident photographer for 3 Islands Whale Shark Dive. This partnership gets Meg out there finding new perspectives and sharing her work with passengers in the form of a DVD at the end of their whale shark tour. Many are thrilled at the quality and depth of her work.  

She has lived on the coral coast for 8 seasons making her well and truly a local. Her knowledge of the reef and its marine life is unquestionable and her passion for the area is infectious.

Meg originally hails from Queensland and just stopped in at Coral Bay on a trip around the country.

Before the trip she had studied Marine Biology at university and the opportunity to live and work in the area proved to be a temptation she could not refuse.

Being in the water most days means that Meg has the best opportunity to take some amazing shots of Ningaloo capturing the beauty of the region in timeless images that draw you in to the magic that is Ningaloo.


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